The single most important link in the beef production chain is fertility.

Regardless of what is said about the importance of various traits, one thing is absolutely indisputable - if cows don't have calves or don't rear their calf to acceptable weaning weight under the prevailing environmental and management conditions, then what their calf's various traits might have been are of little consequence.


American beef economists claim fertility and maternal traits are 5 to 10 times more important than any other traits.


Consistent High Fertility

Consistent high fertility is of the greatest economic advantage. 

The outstanding reproductive performance of Droughtmasters is highlighted by their performance in a genotype trial being conducted by

Northern Territory DPI & F.


Four herds, each consisting of 130 cows and 6 bulls have been running under the Best Bet Management System at Kidman Springs Research Station in the Victoria River District of the Northern Territory, since 1995. 


Weaning percentages demonstrate the ability of a cow to go in-calf, have a live calf and successfully rear her calf to weaning. 

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