Droughtmaster Female

Astute cattle breeders agree that it is not possible to breed quality bulls without a well-structured female breeding herd.

The Droughtmaster Female exhibits the following:

  • Head: moderate length, showing femininity and character. It may be polled, horned or scurred.
  • Ears: long, reasonably broad and pointing on the ends.
  • Eyes: Well spaced, clear, calm and hooded.
  • Muzzle: broad with good open and clean nostrils.
  • Jaw: strong and matching the broad muzzle.
  • Neck: long, slim showing no lumpy fat and blending smoothly into finely muscled shoulders and forearms.
  • Dewlap: a good loose dewlap commencing under the jaw and falling in folds down the underside of the neck or throat ending at the brisket. It is also associated with a loose pliable hide allowing the animal plenty of room to grow.
  • Brisket: fine and trim and showing no fat. The productive female will have a large chest capacity allowing plenty of heart room.
  • Underline: slope down to the navel and back up to the udder.
  • Shoulders: finely muscled and blending smoothly into the body to avoid incorrect leg structure and associated calving problems.
  • Body: long lateral length from shoulder to hip, with maximum depth to the barrel. Chine should be flat and reasonably broad behind the shoulders.
  • Rib cage: well sprung and rounded allowing a roomy body capacity.
  • Back: well fleshed and straight from shoulder to hip, widening and rounding smoothly over the rib cage.
  • Udder: compact, well attached to the body, with teats equally spaced and of moderate length.
  • Navel: neat and oval in shape.
  • Front legs: set apart allowing for correct stance.
  • Legs: moderate in length and with medium bone. The animal should be perfectly balanced with a free easy walk.
  • Hooves: structurally perfect. The claws should be approximately equal in size.
  • Colour: Acceptable colour variation from honey colour to cherry red.

Resource: A Pathway to Breeding Quality Droughtmasters – Jim & Dorothy Crombie, 2006

Credit for Photo: On Top Droughtmasters