Australia’s Droughtmaster cattle are arguably best suited to thrive in a world that is changing before us, where versatility and sustainability are essential. Consumer demands are changing rapidly, supply chains want greater yield and there is an unmistakable push for improved animal welfare and for sustainable and natural protein. This iconic all-rounder is perfectly placed for our changing future affirming its reputation as Australia’s natural wonder. Droughtmaster cattle consistently perform to a high standard despite adverse environments, continually producing high quality and high yielding carcases economically.

Advancing the Breed

Resilient. Fertile. Productive. Droughtmaster was first bred in the 1940’s for Australia’s unique conditions. Today, cattle producers in Asia and Africa are seeing this versatile breed for the natural wonder it is. At Droughtmaster Australia, we’re passionate about advancing Droughtmaster genetics and improving herds to deliver maximum value to producers and supply chain stakeholders. Our zone representatives work hard all over Australia to grow the knowledge of our 600 plus Society members. Our Society also takes part in major research projects including the Repronomics Program, run by the University of New England, and our very own Beef Information Nucleus Program.


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