Roma Bull Sale 2024

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18 October 2024 

Start time: 10.00am
Location: Roma Saleyards, Roma

Top genetics for commercial advantage and quality bulls to suit all budgets can be found at the annual Roma Droughtmaster Bull Sale. 

All bulls are vet checked, semen tested, vaccinated and ready to work. Generous buyer rebates are available. 

Bull Walk Bulls are available for viewing from 3pm Thursday, 17th October 2024.

Pre Sale Function Sale vendors invite all buyers to join them for complimentary refreshments at the Saleyards on Thursday 5pm.

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2023 Feature Bulls

Lot 5TLJ2244M D5

Clayfield Quincy (PH)

Calved 23/02/2022Age 19 MthsAgent . - GDL

Sire: Pine River Obcession (P)

Dam: Calyfield Eliza (P)

Full Pedigree

Lot 24TU82280M D3

Dalmally Lawson (HP)

Calved 05/10/2021Age 24 MthsAgent Elders

Sire: Minlacowie Valedor 8787 (HP)

Dam: Dalmally Becky (P)

Full Pedigree

Lot 31TRB21476M D5

Marylands Hunter 476 (HP)

Calved 01/08/2021Age 26 MthsAgent Elders

Sire: Medway at the Moment (P)

Dam: Marylands 14353 (P)

Full Pedigree

Lot 374DI21549M D5

Oakmore Virgil (PP)

Calved 26/10/2021Age 23 MthsAgent Elders

Sire: Araketa James (PP)

Dam: Oakmore Nigella (P)

Full Pedigree

Lot 384DI21550M D5

Oakmore Vladimir (PP)

Calved 03/11/2021Age 23 MthsAgent Elders

Sire: Araketa James (PP)

Dam: Oakmore Melissa (P)

Full Pedigree

Lot 471FP224M D5

Lynsey Park Jagarra 4/22 (PH)

Calved 06/01/2022Age 21 MthsAgent Elders

Sire: Vale View M Diesel (PP)

Dam: Lynsey Park Jeneeka (P)

Full Pedigree

Lot 51Y7L211229M D5

Sevenell Gatsby 1229 (PP)

Calved 29/10/2021Age 23 MthsAgent Elders

Sire: Vale Veiw M Diesel (PP)

Dam: Sevenell Geraldine (P)

Full Pedigree

Lot 66WEP21967M D5

Fernleigh Oscar Oscar (HP)

Calved 01/03/2021Age 31 MthsAgent Elders

Sire: Glenlands D Whinchester (P)

Dam: Fernleigh 499 (H)

Full Pedigree

Lot 78DRS221187M D5

By-Mingo Vandal (HP)

Calved 29/07/2021Age 26 MthsAgent Elders

Sire: Wajatryn 2484 Landrover (HP)

Dam: By-Mingo Sari (P)

Full Pedigree

Lot 135HUG2225M D3

Eversleigh 25 (PP)

Calved 06/10/2021Age 24 MthsAgent Nutrien

Sire: Wallace Vale Icon (P)

Dam: Eversleigh 195 (P)

Full Pedigree

Lot 106OSH21076M D2

Cooly Alakazam (PP)

Calved 15/11/2021Age 23 MthsAgent Nutrien

Sire: Lorayne Benji 2nd

Dam: Cooly Poppy (P)

Full Pedigree

Lot 1182JE224272M D5

Jembrae Quebec (HP)

Calved 10/10/2021Age 24 MthsAgent Nutrien

Sire: Wingfield Oklahoma 2949 (PP)

Dam: Jembrae madonna 5th (P)

Full Pedigree

Lot 152CKJ21067M D5

Thommo Saloon (PP)

Calved 16/06/2021Age 28 MthsAgent Nutrien

Sire: Skye Wilfred

Dam: Thommo Paisley (P)

Full Pedigree