Sponsors and Partnerships

Our corporate sponsors are extremely important to us and our partnerships provide mutual benefit. With similar strategic objectives our aim is to maximise brand awareness through these partnerships and align ourselves with brands that maintain comparable values.

Major Sponsors

In February 2021 Droughtmaster Australia entered into a corporate partnership with Newstead Brewing Co to market and distribute an exclusive beer brand, DroughtieTM Mid-Strength Premium Lager for both domestic and international markets. Newstead Brewing is a family-owned brewery which turns out more than one-million litres of beer each year and runs two popular brewpubs in Brisbane. Further to this, Newstead Brewing Co founder, and owner Peter Howes, is also a Society member who runs a Droughtmaster Stud at his property ‘Balmoral Ridge’ on the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. A percentage of sales of DroughtieTM Mid-Strength Lager will go to the Droughtmaster Society.