In gaining the optimum reproductive performance, both Sire & Dam must play their part.



Excellent walking and foraging abilities coupled with lower nutritional requirements give Droughtmasters

the ability to retain condition and keep cycling and breeding, irrespective of the prevailing conditions.

Calving Ease

The inherited Bos Indicus traits of pelvic structure, calf shape and low birth weight make for very easy

calving, which can be used to great advantage in crossbreeding programs using high growth sires.

Mothering Ability

The maternal instincts are strong, with cows extremely possessive of their young, and willing to defend

them against predators and care for them when faced with adverse conditions.

Milking Ability

The Shorthorn reputation for high milk production has been passed on down to the Droughtmaster, helping to produce heavy weaners, despite low birth weights. 



Droughtmaster females mature quite early and it is not uncommon to see them joined at 14 months of age. This early start to breeding, plus their ability to adapt to the environment, give them an enviable reputation for longevity.



Low nutritional requirements combined with high feed conversion rates and excellent walking and

foraging abilities, provide a big advantage in marginal country and adverse seasons.

Calving Ease

The important breed characteristics of low birth weights and calf shape are passed on by

Droughtmaster bulls, and can be very advantageous in crossbreeding or joining to heifers.



Early maturity, structural soundness and a naturally active constitution can mean a longer working life,

thereby reducing bull replacement costs.


Virility and Docility

Selection for docility and high libido by the pioneer breeders, has given the Droughtmaster a reputation

as a potent and active performer.


Droughtmaster Stud Breeders Society

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