Droughtmaster signs partnership agreement with Practical Systems

1 May 2021

Stockbook boosts livestock management potential for Droughtmaster producers

Advanced livestock management has become the focus of a new partnership between Droughtmaster Australia and Practical Systems.

For more than 25 years, Practical Systems has offered innovative data solutions for livestock, financial and farm management, including premier livestock management software Stockbook.

Simon Gleeson, the CEO of Droughtmaster Australia says the partnership will ensure their members will have access to some of the most advanced livestock data management systems in the country.

“Stockbook enables our members to collect and view data on their animals in real-time and it also interfaces with the ABRI System and DNA laboratory providers,” Mr Gleeson said.

“Furthermore, this software allows for electronic data transfer between our members and the Society Office, which will lead to creating efficiencies in the processing of registrations and DNA.”

Stockbook features an embedded Live Entry yards module and a mobile application, offering livestock producers the ability to collect, view and manage animal data in real-time.

Practical Systems CEO Peter Rasmussen says he’s delighted that Droughtmaster Australia can now tailor their management systems to address what’s important to their breed and business.


“We place real value in establishing a relationship that connects what we do directly with breed society members and enables us to tailor our services to those members in alignment with the society’s objectives for the breed’s national herd,” he said.


“We’re excited about the level of herd performance management and analysis Droughtmaster can enjoy with the Stockbook program. We’ve enjoyed a long history of being a trusted service provider to the livestock industry and to ensure that continues, it’s critical to help improve the performance and economic viability of the national herd and individual producer operations.”

Mr Rasmussen says the company provides technology solutions and advice that enables producers to convert raw data into actionable decisions, benefiting their business. The understanding of the specific breed objectives is critical to how they tailor their systems.

“Practical Systems is supporting Droughtmaster Australia’s breed objectives with intelligence that provides tangible decision-making support to improve the performance of their key asset – livestock in the paddock,” he said.

Practical Systems provides four levels of Stockbook program to match the size of beef operations, with a free 30 day trial available. The software can import data from weigh scales or live entry, it’s NLIS compliant, supplies a pedigree printout and can manage embryo and semen inventories. It can also import EBVs/ASBVs and manage Breed Society registration requirements.

Droughtmaster members Steven and Claire Farmer are stud breeders from Mt Elsa, Canoona in Queensland and have found the ‘real time’ data collection abilities of the software a real attribute to their business.

“We are very impressed with the up-to-date technology of how Stockbook works best to complement our business,” the Farmers said.

“The on-property visit and phone support has been exceptional and the transfer over of many years of cattle data collected, including DNA, measured traits for BREEDPLAN, and calving history, just to name a few, has been greatly simplified with the help from their support staff.”

The Farmers also said the benefits of being able to collect and send data immediately whilst in the yards has saved them time in the office.

“Being able to sync data to other computers has allowed us to be anywhere at any time able to access this data,” Mr Farmer said.

The Droughtmaster Society said aspects of the Stockbook program that was appealing to the breed’s members was the ability to tailor the performance measures important in their breeding and business objectives. Importantly, the software is attainable at various levels depending on the size of the business and user support is easily accessible.

“This partnership is an excellent fit for Droughtmaster Australia. As outlined in our Strategic Plan and as part of the evolution of our Society, embracing technology and delivering more efficient services is essential and we feel Practical Systems offers this to our membership via their cattle management software, Stockbook,” Mr Gleeson said.

“As with all our partnerships, we encourage our members to get behind and support Practical Systems, they have over been in operation for over 25 years and have a highly experienced team in agriculture and business.”

For further information regarding Practical Systems and our livestock management products and services, please contact Practical Systems on 1800 624 688 or view our website –


About Practical Systems

With a proud history dating back to 1992, Practical Systems has been in the business of supporting regional enterprise and livestock producers for more than 25 years. We were the first to provide comprehensive farm operational management solutions, and we continue to learn from that experience to provide you with authoritative and credible business intelligence.


About Droughtmaster Australia

The Droughtmaster breed has a proud history dating back to the early 1930s with the Droughtmaster Stud Breeders’ Society founded in 1962. Droughtmaster cattle are a Queensland icon and were specifically developed to suit the Australian environment by a group of progressive cattlemen led by Monty Atkinson. Droughtmaster Australia was established to promote, develop and protect the breed and the brand, identify activities that will further increase breed participation.


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